- This Machine Kills Fascists
January 26, 2015, 05:26:00 PM *
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THIS MACHINE kills fascists
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* Change happens ... GIL SCOTT HERON - What's the word from JOHANNESBURG
* Mechanized Warfare
THIS MACHINE kills fascists
* First they came for the ...
Trade Unionists ...

but I didn't speak up
because I was doing pretty well in the stock market ...

... then they came for the teachers
but I didn't speak up
because I didn't eat my meat so how can I have any pudding ...

... then they came for the students
but I didn't speak up
because I was watching Glee ...

... then they came for the Glam rockers
but I didn't speak up
because not everyone loves Jeepster and I'm most certainly NOT a Jeepster for your love ...

... then they came for the Old School Rappers
but I didn't speak up because I'm not old school and I prefer techno ...


* Then they came for ME
xx Thugocracy: defined
August 19, 2009, 07:18:15 PM by combinator | Views: 5841 | Comments: 0

Thugocracy: Government of the People, by the thugs (with truncheons, batons, tear gas and mace) for the thugs.

* This Machine Kills fascists - Do-Re-Mi by Woody Guthrie
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Youtube information-attribution:
A short summary of the year 1941
Music: Woody Guthrie - Do Re Mi
"This Machine Kills Fascists" are the words Woody Guthrie had painted on the front of his guitar, an idea that was popularized late into the 1960's and imitated by other musicians such as Bob Dylan and Phil Ochs.
* IRAN: Free Elections BANNED - 7000 years of civilization and all we get is THIS lousy fascist dictatorship? We are all Persians!
* BANNED >>> The truth
* Power to the People
"Power to the People" by John Lennon followed by Instant Karma - in which John Lennon answers his timeless question "Why in the world are we all here? Surely not to live in pain and fear." live from wherever Freedom rings - Brought to you by where The Big Lie is big enough and repeated often enough for some of the people to believe, all of the time and by because it is.
* Dorit's "Wonder Woman"
Dorit's Youtube Uploads rss
* Innaharda, ehna kullina Misryeen! (Today, We Are All Egyptians)
Bukra Fil Mish Mish - The Apricots Will Bloom Tomorrow - but
FREEDOM walks like an Egyptian today
* Peaceful Protest BANNED in Tahrir Square - until it wasn't!
* SMS free-for-all BANNED by tyrants
* Al Jazeera: People & Power - Iran: Inside the protests - 10 July 09
*  IranDoost09 channel
* maplusnl channel
* Mousavi1388
* PersionWarriors channel
* Obama's Message to Iranian People -w- Persian subtitles
* Ainít No Rest for the Wicked
Ainít No Rest for the Wicked Ė Cage the Elephant
* This Machine Kills Fascists - Woody Guthrie
* "THIS MACHINE KILLS FASCISTS" rendered by the banned TODAY IS THE DAY from their release album release "Kiss the Pig"
Steve Austinís SuperNova Records Label

* Better be there by half past 8
Better be there by half past eight.  I mean, donít be late. Be there when the banned starts playiní (from Darktown Strutters Ball)
* Google "Tianamen Square" uhh, never mind - if you're in China
* Cyrus the Great
They still make Persians like Cyrus the Great, founding father of human rights.
* George Harrison's "Give Me Love"
* lightofpersia - here comes sunshine
* Get Honest Third Eye
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